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Bourekas are made from puff pastry filled with various fillings. Among the most popular fillings are:

– feta cheese
– mushroom, potato and onion
– olive and feta
– spinach and feta
– pizza (mozzarella and tomato sauce)

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Creation Foods Company

A family owned and operated organization established in 1995, and running strong. We carry an array of delectable frozen pastries ranging from flaky croissants and mouth watering danishes to specialty puff pastry dough, which is the foundation of our top selling strudels. What separates us from the rest is that we only use the finest ingredients and our dough contains absolutely no additives or active agents.

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We have all your favorite traditional Pastries, 5 days a week! You can choose from a rich variety of cookies, pastries and cakes.

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We are a full service single destination bakery product solutions provider. Private label producer

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Over 12,000 sq ft to meet all production needs. Brand new automation to keep up with new orders

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William Hence

We just wanted to thank you for the Pastries you created for our Business. It was simply delicious. You made the process easy,

Jeff Hammer

Many thanks to everybody at Bakery for the open house during a busy Hanukkah season. You have won a new legion of fans. Much love to you all.

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